About Us

At a glance

Orbicular Pharmaceutical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a research oriented pharmaceutical product development company with proven capabilities across various dosage forms. Our business strategy revolves around developing niche generic and specialty pharmaceutical products and licensing them at late stages to our global partners. The company ambitious strategic plan is to execute the defined CI-TOP SPIN Strategy for both Regulated and Emerging Markets. CI-TOP SPIN basically refers to Complex Injectables, Topicals , Ophthalmic, Parenterals, Nasal Sprays and Inhalations which characterizes a product domain that is complex, has entry barriers and profitable domain. We intelligently select products and proactively execute ahead of the competition exceeding regulatory expectations.

Our expertise in formulation and drug delivery technologies is applied to the development of generics, generic plus and controlled release products in addition to the development of novel products for innovator and specialty companies in multiple therapeutic areas across dosage forms.

We partner with major national and international drug manufacturers with advanced development solutions and capabilities that enable them to deliver safe drugs and very effectively meet the needs of millions of patients around the world.

We are founded by a team of experienced techno-entrepreneurs and managed by a team of professionals with decades of experience in the global pharmaceutical industry. We have a stellar team of scientists each one very renowned in their own field of expertise and obsessive about details, deadlines and results. The Team has had an excellent track record of having successfully delivered hands on from concept to commercialization.



  • 200+ passionate scientists with strong domain specific scientific background.

  • Broad development competencies across entire bandwidth of complex products.

  • Next-Gen partnership company with proven ability to manage complex technical partnerships

  • Never ending commitment to setting new standards in product development

  • Extra Mile Delivery: Integrated product development with comprehensive understanding on Legal/IP, Packaging and Regulatory landscape.

  • Proven and established partnership driven model

Our Name

We have derived Our Company Name from the two eye muscles which perform the critical function of eyelid functioning and are the fastest muscle in the body.


Orbicularis Oculi

Levatar Palpebrae

These two muscles perform the critical function of eyelid functioning and are the fastest muscle in the body. We understand the criticality of pharmaceutical product development and its change dynamics.Navigating successful delivery on commitments requires Speed, Acumen, Agility and Instinct.

Recognizing this and realizing the fact that the two critical eye muscles aptly represent the Key Strengths of our Organization which are Speedy Execution , Good Acumen, Proven Agility, Killer Instinct we are always geared up to deliver.


Speedy Execution

Complete with rapid speed


Good Acumen

Excellent judgement ability


Proven Agility

Skilled and efficient adaptability


Killer Instinct

Determined to succeed


Quality Policy & Systems

Quality permeates in everything we do at Orbicular.

We are committed to deliver products and services of highest standards and continuously improvise on our systems and processes to achieve customer delight by providing customer-centric,cost-effective,defect free product development solutions on time always. Our "Quality by Design" approach ensures that quality is built into every phase of the product life cycle.

We are a QMS – ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.

  • Excellent Documentation System
  • Exhaustive SOPs
  • Detailed Laboratory Note Books
  • Controlled / Uncontrolled Documents Issuance
  • Protocol Bound execution of critical development activities
  • Product Development Reports
  • Analytical Development Reports
  • Local Operation Dossiers
  • Site Master Plan
  • Quality Manual
  • Equipment / Instrument Qualification
  • Calibration Programs